• Modern & Cost Effective

    Made in Germany, VoglFuge delivers a stunning and effective seamless ceiling. With great acoustics and impact resistance it is not only beautiful but also cost effective

  • Group 1 Rating

    VoglFuge has a Group 1 Fire Rating across the entire range and is suitable to be used wherever a Group 1 rating is required.

  • Maximum Crack Resistance

    The quickest possible joint finishing with its unique patented VoglFuge system ensures maximum crack resistance

  • High Performing Acoustics

    VoglFuge offers outstanding acoustic control - with some patterns offering an NRC up 0.8

  • Significant Time Saving

    Save time on-site due to short installation and drying times. VoglFuge is installed without filler and allows for the quick mounting of panels edge-to-edge

  • GECA Certified

    VoglFuge is certified against Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)’s Panel Boards standard, thereby meeting environmental, human health and
    ethical impact criteria

Product Information

  • Atkar Group are committed to bringing you the highest quality products and have an ongoing fire testing program.

    Atkar have the following Group Ratings for VoglFuge

    Group 1 – Fire Certificates

    CLICK HERE to receive a copy of one of our Fire Certificates or to discuss your group rating requirements.


    Useful Tools:

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    Group Rating Calculator – see what group rating is required for your project

  • Click below to download the VoglFuge Technical Data Sheet:

    VoglFuge Technical Data Sheet


  • Atkar Group stock the below VoglFuge perforation patterns. Custom patterns and block perorations also available on request.

    Please contact Atkar Group for further details om any of our range.

    Click image for larger image or click here to view perforation patterns and acoustic data.

    VoglFuge is supplied raw and is coated on site.

    Please Note: All Au.diBoard products should be roller coated with a short nap roller and not spray finished as any coating of the Integrated Acoustic Backing (IAB) will impeded or even eliminate the acoustic performance of the panels.

  • Click below to download Acoustic Data for Vogl Fuge

    VoglFuge Acoustic Data


    Individual acoustic data sheets available for each perforation pattern on request.

  • Click below to download the VoglFuge Brochure:

    VoglFuge Brochure

  • Installation for VoglFuge is easy to install with its unique joint-tape system

    Click here to download the Installation Guide or watch our VoglFuge video to see how easy it is to install.

    If you are an Installer – please click here to view our VoglFuge Installer page, that includes all information you need for a seamless install.


  • Finish Options available for VoglFuge. Click option to view colour selection.

    • Raw – Coat on site
    • Coloured – Contact Atkar Technical Staff for assistance.

    Please Note: VoglFuge products should be roller coated with a short nap roller and not spray finished as any coating of the Integrated Acoustic Backing (IAB) will impeded or even eliminate the acoustic performance of the panels.

  • VoglFuge is available in a plaster substrate only. Plaster provides a flush, streamlined ceiling with no visible joins. It is efficient and economical with the most reliability during installation for guaranteed results. Atkar’s VoglFuge plaster is GECA certified thereby meeting environmental, human health and ethical impact criteria.

    Find out more about our substrates here

  • VoglFuge is certified under the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Panel Boards standard, demonstrating a commitment to lower environmental, health and social impacts.

    GECA was the first ecolabel recognised under the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star program.

    The GECA ecolabel has provided architects, building industry professionals, procurement managers and consumers with an independent, reliable and credible way to make environmentally preferred choices since 2001.

    A licence for the use of the Ecolabel is granted to a product where it has been verified by an independent conformity assessment body that the product meets the environmental performance criteria of a GECA standard.


    Download to find out why you should buy GECA certified products:

    GECA Information Sheet



  • ATKAR warrants that VoglFuge is supplied free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of ten (10) years and will at its option repair and/or replace any product found to be defective in manufacture. Suitability of the product for the given application must be determined by the specifier as the success of the installation is dependent on a number of factors outside ATKAR’s control.

    Plasterboard and paint systems must be installed and applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and those of the applicable Australian Standards for the performance and integrity including the jointing and paint systems for VoglFuge to be warranted. Painting Instructions for VoglFuge.

    This warranty is in addition to any rights the customer may have at law.

  • Cleaning

    Remove any marks or dust with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Stubborn stains or grease may be removed with a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth.

    Do not use abrasive cleaning chemicals or strong solvents. Adhesive tape should never be applied to the surface of the panels during maintenance as this may damage the face finish.

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