A range guaranteed to impress

Offering a high quality product with great acoustic performance, the Essentials modular panel range is an efficient and economical solution for projects where timing and budgets might be limited, but style and aesthetic paramount.

Available in a range of standard sizes, profiles and finishes, the Essentials panel range includes solid infill panels that can be cut on-site to suit most wall and ceiling size requirements.

Quantum Essentials are easy to install and offer shorter lead times. Ask your Atkar Architectural Consultant for a quote or draft specification for your next project.

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Quantum Essentials’ key features:
Faster lead times
Easy to install on-site
Standard sizes, profiles and finishes
Solid infill panels to suit all areas
Great acoustic performance
Suitable for walls and ceilings

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Step 1

Choose your preferred substrate:
Choose from either 12mm standard MDF or 12mm Blackcore MDF


Step 2

Choose your preferred profile from a range of six:

1____Perforated QP250S/120

2____Perforated QP250D/100

3____Perforated QP125S/60

4____Slotted QS26-50/127

5____Slotted QS26-25/80

6____Solid Panel


Step 3

Choose your preferred colour from our Inluxe Laminate range:



3____Heritage Walnut



6____Select Beech

7____Young Beech


9____Brushed Silver



Colours shown are for reference only, please request a sample

Step 4

Standard panel sizes simplifies ordering and reduces lead times


Step 5

Choose from three optional features:
Concealed Fixing System
Fire Rated Substrate


Contact your Architectural Consultant on 03 9796 3333
to arrange a quotation, draft a specification or request a sample.