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Inluxe Finishes - Click Finish Image for details and colour options.

  • Inluxe Image

    An advanced interior surface option that reproduces the texture and visual appearance of its expensive natural timber counterparts. 15 standard colours available.
  • Inluxe Colour

    A limitless range of colour possibilities including subtle pastels, vivid primaries, clears, metallic and even opalescent. Different gloss levels are also. 20 standard colours available.
  • Inluxe Veneer

    Nothing equals the warmth and character of Atkar's genuine timber veneers. Achieve dramatic effects by selecting a contrasting edge colour and profile. 8 standard colours available.
  • Inluxe Laminate

    The option of choice when the project demands great visual appeal and durability at a lower cost. 12 standard colours available.
  • Inluxe Vinyl

    A vacuum formed finish that offers a seamless paint like appearance with the added advantage of being highly durable and scuff resistant. 6 standard colours available.
  • Inluxe Fabric

    Soft touch with tailored acoustic control and a superior finish, capture the warm and comforting ambiance that only fabric can provide.12 standard colours available.

Product Information

  • Click Image below to view our Complete range in our Inluxe Finishes Guide.

  • Click on the image below to see which finish you can use for each product.

    Click on the image below to see which finish you can use for each product.


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