• Maintains a 'live' acoustic atmosphere

    Au.diTone minimises flutter echoes without deadening the space, providing an ambient environment to support speech

  • Colour your senses

    Panels can be painted in any colour with a matte, satin or gloss finish, or select one of our standard or custom timber veneers

  • Improve clarity of sound

    Diffraction rather than absorption ensures a live but controlled atmosphere without damaging the quality of sound in the space. The ideal solution for music studios.

Technical Information

ATKAR warrants that all Infinity products are supplied free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of five (5) years and will at its option repair and/or replace any product found to be defective in manufacture. Suitability of the product for the given application must be determined by the specifier as the success of the installation is dependent on a number of factors outside ATKAR’s control.

This warranty is in addition to any rights the customer may have at law.

Atkar Infinity panel systems are a combination of particleboard or plywood substrates with either a genuine timber veneer, polyurethane paint finish, or our Au.diImage laminate applied to the face and or/edges of the panels.


Remove any marks or dust with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Stubborn stains or grease may be removed with a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth.

Do not use abrasive cleaning chemicals or strong solvents. Adhesive tape should never be applied to the surface of the panels during maintenance as this may damage the face finish.

Infinity Finishes Range

The Infinity finishes range allows for great flexibility in function and design. All our finishes are factory applied with detailed precision to panel faces and edges and can be used in combinations to highlight, contrast or coordinate the unique presence of the Infinity acoustic panel range. By eliminating the need for on-site preparation and finishing, our versatile finishes range helps reduce site costs and construction times and in addition, is maintenance free ensuring that the inherent beauty of Infinity panels are enjoyed for years to come.

audilux-finish-hue Mo.diHue. Atkar’s premium 2-pack surface finishes deliver the superb solution to interior fit-outs demanding a totally integrated colour scheme and excellent acoustic control. Enjoy almost limitless colour possibilities, easily matched to the selection of your choice: subtle pastels, vivid primaries, clears, metallic and even pearlescents. Gloss levels are available to your specifications and panel edge profiles can be finished to uniformly match the panel face.

*Not all panel types available in all finishes.

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