• Unique low profile

    Au.diGroove's unique low profile makes it one of the most innovative and effective sound control products available

  • Easy installation

    Easy to handle, transport, store and install, the Au.diGroove panels are also de-mountable and re-usable

  • Various design and acoustic flexibility

    With a wide variety or surface finishes available and a range of acoustic performance options, the options are endless

Product Information

  • Click below to download the Au.diGroove Technical Data Sheet:

    Au.diGroove Technical Data Sheet

    For fire certificates, please contact enquiries@atkar.com.au or call 03 9796 3333 to obtain a copy.



  • Download our technical data sheet for more information on patterns.

  • Finish Options available for Au.diGroove. Click option to view colour selection.

    Click to view Atkar’s complete range of Inluxe™ finish options or contact Atkar Technical Staff regarding other finish options and colours.

  • Au.diGroove is available in an MDF substrate only. MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is the ideal substrate for shaping, routing, and drilling. Overlayed with a veneer, laminate, or painted, MDF is the most popular substrate.

    Also available:

    • Blackcore: Solid black MDF
    • Colourcore: A through dyed MDF is available in a variety of colors
    • FR MDF: A Fire Retardant MDF is also available

    Find out more about our substrates here

  • ATKAR warrants that all Infinity products are supplied free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of fifteen (15) years and will at its option repair and/or replace any product found to be defective in manufacture. Suitability of the product for the given application must be determined by the specifier as the success of the installation is dependent on a number of factors outside ATKAR’s control.

    This warranty is in addition to any rights the customer may have at law.

    Atkar Architectural Product Warranty

  • Atkar Infinity panel systems are a combination of particleboard or plywood substrates with either a genuine timber veneer, polyurethane paint finish, or our Inluxe™ Image laminate applied to the face and or/edges of the panels.


    Remove any marks or dust with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Stubborn stains or grease may be removed with a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth.

    Do not use abrasive cleaning chemicals or strong solvents. Adhesive tape should never be applied to the surface of the panels during maintenance as this may damage the face finish.

  • Au.diGroove offers seamless jointing with tongue and groove design.

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