• Naturally mould, mildew, water & termite resistant

    DesignerWood's unrivalled qualities also include no splinters, cracks, warping, cupping or rot.

  • Quick and Easy to Install

    Light weight and durable, DesignerWood doesn't have complex fixing systems like other alternatives.

  • Slip Resistant

    Sanded, pre-coated and virtually maintenance free, DesignerWood won't trip you up.

Product Information

  • ​​

    DesignerWood™ Clad 15017
    150mm(w) x 17(h) x 5850(l) Available in Teak or Golden Teak.
    DesignerWood™ 15017 Corner Piece
    65mm(w) x 45(h) x 5850(l) – Teak
    DesignerWood™ Clad 15050
    150mm(w) x 50(h) x 5850(l) – Teak
     DesignerWood™ Batten 5050
    50mm(w) x 50(h) x 5850(l) – Teak
    DesignerWood™ Batten 10050
    100mm(w) x 50(h) x 5850(l) – Teak
     DesignerWood™ Batten
    50mm(w) x 50(h) x 5850(l) – Teak
     DesignerWood™ Aluminium Clip
    50mm(w) x 50(h) x 5850(l) – Teak
     DesignerWood™ Deck 14025
    140mm(w) x 25(h) x 5850(l) – Teak

    Other Batten’s also available in Teak:

    • 50 x 3mm – DBT5003
    • 50 x 16mm – DBT5016
    • 50 x 30mm – DBT5030
    * It is recommended that the products are coated with Intergrain if used externally. Please ask for coating recommendation.
  • Available in Teak and Golden Teak.

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