We can assist in writing and developing a specification for any project.

Contact our team for assistance with your product specification to ensure that your finished results meet your expectations aesthetically and technically.

We have an extensive range of customisable products and fixing systems developed to accommodate the most demanding performance and budget requirements.

Download standard specification wording ready for you to edit to your project requirements.

Au.diLux: Perforated Fibre Cement

Au.diVent : Slotted Fibre Cement – Ceiling and Wall 

Au.diVent: Slotted Fibre Cement – Eaves Lining

Au.diPanel: Perforated Timber Panel

Au.diSlot : Slotted Timber Panel

Au.diTile : Perforated Timber Ceiling Tiles

Au.diLine: Linear Metal Ceiling System

Au.diBoard: Perforated Plasterboard

Au.diSlat: Linear Timber Slat Modules

Au.diGroove: Continuous Timber Panel System – contact us 9796 3333

Au.diStyle : Decorative Panel System

Au.diTone: Continuous Timber Diffuser – contact us 9796 3333

Au.diTouch: Premium Acoustic Fabric Panels – contact us 9796 3333


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