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Latest Projects & News

  • We're Still Here To Talk

    In this new world we see ourselves in, we are all finding ways to adjust to meet the new needs of our customers. First priority is obviously minimising risks, so as a business, our office staff is now all working remotely from home. Thanks to technology, our customers may not even notice much difference, however we wanted to remind you of the options available to connect.

    27 Mar
  • Image vs Veneer: What’s the Difference?

    Ever wondered what the difference is between our timber Inluxe veneer and our timber look foil, Inluxe Image? Have you had the chance to see some examples side by side to see how they compare? Read our article for more info.

    18 Mar
  • Business as Usual - No Supply Issues

    At present there are NO SUPPLY ISSUES for Atkar Group for either sides of the business including the manufacture of our acoustic linings or the supply of building products. 

    18 Mar