Introducing Au.diMicro - micro perforated timber acoustic panel

Introducing Australia’s first manufactured micro perforated timber acoustic panel, Au.diMicro.

Offering superior acoustic performance with the solid look of timber, Au.diMicro achieves high level sound absorption without the visual compromise.

BCA Group 1 option available.

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  • Designed & manufactured in Australia

    Au.diMicro can be fully customised to the size and design that your project requires

  • High quality sound absorption

    Au.diMicro can achieve NRC as high as 0.85 making it a superior acoustic solution

  • Look of solid timber

    The thousands of tiny perforations have minimal effect on the timber grain and colour

  • Quick & easy installation

    Au.diMicro is simple to install on walls and ceilings with our integrated Au.diMount concealed fixing

  • Sonus 2.0 integrated acoustic backing

    Encompasses a multi-layered panel for optimum acoustic performance

  • Variety of real veneer & decorative finishes

    Select from our standard Inluxe Micro range or talk to us about custom options