A trusted family-owned Australian business, Atkar has provided architects, designers, builders and contractors the best advice and the highest quality products for over 70 years.

Atkar Architectural

Atkar Architectural supplies custom and modular acoustic paneling systems, across three ranges, allowing clients to choose the solution that’s right for their project. Just as importantly, Atkar Architectural can support all these services with on-site technical advice to resolve clients’ project challenges. View Site

Atkar Building Materials

Atkar Building Materials is a one-stop shop with an expansive range of commercial fibre cement products, linings and claddings, ceiling and drywall systems, top hats, temporary protection materials and much more. Our customer service team is matched with outstanding speed in delivery to ensure your built solution is supplied on time and on budget.  View Site

Our Team

Atkar are a genuine family business recognised throughout the industry for integrity, reliability and expertise, with a quality of product and service that has become our signature. We have over 30 qualified and dedicated team members from Sales and Marketing through to Warehouse and Dispatch.

Our Products

To ensure ongoing quality, we select Australian suppliers to source our materials wherever possible. Our Architectural Panels are locally designed and manufactured in Victoria to ensure the highest standard of quality for your project requirements

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